Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Roll Up Make Up Brush Pouch

(say that one real fast 3 times!)
I just love makeup brushes! I always have!

I've made several little roll up knitting needle cases from a pattern that I made up myself.

Then I saw a magazine that had a picture of the cutest little makeup brush roll up pouch and it reminded me of  my knitting needle case!

I had some oh so cute vinyl coated fabric (there may be a more technical name for it, but I'm not sure!) and thought that it would be perfect for it!

Easy to sew! And easy to clean up when makeup gets on it!  

What a great easy and quick little last minute gift for a girly girl makeup brush lover like me! 


Red Chair Moments said...

How adorable! I love the fabric too!

Robin Fonville said...

Thank you! I got it at School House Fabrics! I think we're due a trip there! :)