Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Tops Anyone?

I'll take one! Or two, or more!
I've joined in on the Spring Top Sewalong with Rae! I'm so excited!
I'm in major need of some new clothes! For two years I wore maternity and for the last year its been easy access for nursing. But not anymore! Baby Smile is officially weaned!
So that means new shirts for momma!

First up is a white linen top! I just love linen! I don't love that it always looks wrinkled! (oh and btw, mr smile took the pictures and i think i'm going to have to send him for some classes in photography!) I have had this linen, a huge pile of linen for several years. I've used it for so many things! I found inspiration for this top at Anthropologie
I also found this at Anthropologie, and I so want it! .  I had one that I made similar to it in home ec in high school. I LOVED that outfit and wore it out!
For top number two, and I'm not stopping at two there will be more to follow but not this weekend!
I used the same linen. I woke up this morning with the vision of this top in my head! I visioned it navy blue but when I tried to dye the linen navy blue it came out purple. But I love it! I have a dress that is similar to this top and that was my inspiration.

I'm so glad that I saw the sewalong this year, by the time I saw it last year it was too late to enter and I had a newborn, so there wasn't much sewing going on at that time!

On a side note, I'm in the process of drawing up a pattern and directions for a drain apron for mastectomy patients. My sister has one and it has been great for holding the drains to keep the pressure off of them. The nurse that talked to her before her surgery gave her these aprons. She said that they are hard to come by and that they usually cost around $75 each! She had a few in her locker that were donated by Susan G Komen (i think) and was down to her last two. I want to start a sewalong to get some made to donate to mastectomy patients. So if you would be interested let me know! But I'll be getting everything set up for that this week!

I hope you all have a great week! Happy sewing!


Rachaeldaisy said...

Those tops look great and really suit you!!!

Robin Fonville said...

Thank you so much!