Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eye Candy

I have some new eye candy! In the form of an awesome new pillow!

Isn't it just yummy! This was my pillow that I received from my partner in the Pillow Talk Swap on flickr. If you are not a part of it, you should be! You should at least go and check out the amazing pillows in there!
My partner did a fantastic job! It will fit perfectly in absolutely every single room in my house! Not only did she send me this pillow with all of these goodies (and there may have been some chocolate in there too, but who knows) she also made a gorgeous lap quilt for my sister! Is that not the sweetest thing! I don't have a picture of it yet, but I'll post one as soon as my sister feels up to taking one and sending it to me! All I can say is that there were several tears from several different people that were shed over that sweet gift! To know that someone that none of my family knows or knows any of my family, and lives on the other side of this country thought enough of my sister and what she is going through to send her a lap quilt AND asked her local quilt guild to pray for her! That's the wonderful thing about the internet, facebook, flickr, blogs. They can all be used for evil, but they can all be used for so much good! And with them you can have people from all parts of the world praying for you without even knowing you! Amazing! 
This is the pillow that I sent to my partner.....

I also made one just like it and gave it to my sister!

Now I'm waiting for my partner assignment in the Table Top Swap! We're making cloth napkins! I'm so excited, I just love cloth napkins! And I'm still working on my mug rug for the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap!
I just love flickr!

Btw, update on my sister. She had surgery last Monday. She had a few rough nights in the hospital until she got on the right pain meds. Once her pain was under control she did absolutely amazing! She's up moving around, can raise both arms above her head! She had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. They were able to get everything. Of the seven lymph nodes that were removed only one was positive for cancer! She came home on Thursday and has been doing great! Her husband is spoiling her rotten! He helps her bathe, washes her hair, even shaves her legs for her, and has been doing housework! Lucky for them he hasn't had to cook because they are being flooded with amazing food by wonderful people! God is great!

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Red Chair Moments said...

Love it! I might have to join...oh wait I made a promise to myselft to not begin any new projects until the old ones are finished. Boo!