Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Hydrangeas!

(this is PennyMac named after the late great Penny McHenry)

I just love Hydrangeas! They have to be one of my most favorite flowers! I have lots of favorites but this is right at the top!
Right now I have about 14 in my yard. Some are planted in the ground and some are in pots. The ones that I've kept in pots are mainly so that they will keep the same color, because once they are in the ground here they almost always turn purple! You can manipulate the colors by changing the acidity of the soil, but I've never done that. I like to see them in their natural color! But my desire is to have a red hydrangea, I'm not talking dark pink I want red!
She was a very pretty pink when I first bought her. The next year after putting her in the ground she came back this very pretty blue color! But I would still like to have her in pink as well!
This beauty was given to me by my good friend Mary. This is the breast cancer hydrangea! It will get very big pink blooms on it. They just start out very small! Mary is one of my best friends here and is in the garden club with me! She's the one that talked me into taking on the role of garden club president! I've missed so many meetings this year being out of town that I'm surprised that they haven't fired me yet!
(Princess Lace)
Princess Lace is one of my only lacecaps, all the rest are mopheads. This is one of the three featured hydrangeas at this years Penny McHenry Hydrangea Festival, which will be held in Douglasville, GA the first weekend of June!

Both of the above are PennyMac!
I just love how the blooms are a different shade of purple and blue all over!

These don't have a name. They were sent from a florist with out a tag. They were given to me by one of my closest and dearest friends April when I had my baby boy. I call it Bubba Blue. His name was going to be Eric and my daughter Morgan called him Bubba. I think the name is perfect, just like the color! It is such a vibrant blue! It did not bloom last year, but it certainly has made up for that this year!

The same thing with this one, only it was given to me by my mother-in-law. I call it Bubba White.
These last two were my very first hydrangeas!
I'll post more pictures as the others start to bloom out!
And if you're looking for something to do the first weekend in June, come to Douglasville and join us for the Hydrangea Festival! It's a real treat! We have a flower show that all 5 garden clubs take part in. It even has a table design section. This year I will be doing a table design myself! I'm so very nervous about that. This is the festivals 5th year and I've been a part of the planning for the past two years. The flower show has won at state and national levels every year so far! That is just amazing!
I think that every yard should have at least one hydrangea!

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Rachaeldaisy said...

I've enjoyed seeing all your hydrangeas! I love them too, theyre just so big and fluffy. I like it in autumn when some varieties turn green with burgandy red tinges on the florets. The Hydrangea Festival would be lots of fun!!

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